How to watch Eclipse online? This is the same question we got in an email from an obvious avid fan of the Twilight Saga Eclipse. Sorry to inform you guys that there is no live working link for any Twilight Eclipse Video/live streaming. While we do believe that the net is such a place of possibilities for anyone to be able to watch Eclipse online for free, for now there is no working link/site/blog for that matter. If you want to watch Twilight Saga Eclipse you can watch it in theaters this June 30,2010. If you want to get free information about Twilight's Eclipse please visit the forum page.

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You see, Jacob, you might leave her someday. Like Sam and Emily, you wouldn’t have a choice. I would always be waiting in the wings, hoping for that to happen." -Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 22, p.502
"So the lion fell in love with the lamb." "What a stupid lamb." "What a sick, masochistic lion." - Edward Cullen and Bella Swan


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